Building Homes

This project began with an outreach to a village called “Windy Village” located above the mission house. On visiting the village we became aware of the village’s appalling housing and living conditions. The Lord touched our hearts to do something about this. The cost to build a small timber home in the village with a corrugated roof costs about $400 to $500 US. Now building houses has become part of the ministry of Mission Cambodia.

Rice Distribution

The need for rice was brought to our attention when we had a request from Mutt Vanna the commune leader of Trea Commune. So after approaching the “World Food Program” we discovered that the Krouch Chhmar District wasn’t on their list for aid and as the needs were even more desperate in other areas. We prayed to the Lord for funds to meet this need and now rice distribution has become part of the ongoing ministry.

Medical Clinics

We aim to improve Khmer health care by targeting health issues that come to our attention whether at village level or a more specialized service by sending patients for treatment to Phnom Penh. With Australian Nurse: Libby Noone, Khmer Clinic manager: Sophon, and Khmer doctor Dr. Punya two clinics run each week. One in the Stueng Trong district and one in the Krouch Chhmar district. Both clinics provide a free service of doctor and medicines to those in need that cannot afford nor have access to a doctor.


Mission Cambodia has developed an Education Support Program for some of the most disadvantaged people in Cambodia. Currently, the mission is paying for 10 girls’ University tuition, housing and food in Hannah’s House in Phnom Penh. A similar program for boys called “Gideon’s House” has also been established.

Mission Cambodia is a registered incorporated body; not registered for the charity purpose of tax deductions. ABN 93 035 473 550. It is an unincorporated charity.